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Have you some TalkPCR files that you can share? Or Files for the ICOM software. If so please email me and I'll make them available here with full credit.

TalkPCR Files
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Contributor Location Content
Roger Ireland ALE Freqs
Roger Ireland USA-ALE FREQS
Roger Ireland FM Broadcast
Roger Ireland MS Scatter
Roger Ireland Marine HF
Thanks Roger!    


Files for iCOMs Software

Bjern Snelders The Netherlands 1000 Broadcast HF-freq's in Dutch, German and English
Added July 2001    
Sparky San Jose, Ca, US Broadcast.mch
Thanks Sparky!    
Pat NC. US CB.mch
Pat NC. US SAREX (Shuttle Amateur Radio EXperiment) + NASA/Ham use Freqs
Pat NC. US Marine Radio freqs
Thank you Pat!    




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