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HF RecieverThe web is full of sites listing all sorts of frequencies. It is best if you find one for your area, especially VHF/UHF frequencies which can be relevant only for a small physical area.

Use the search box to dig out some sites, include topic and region, e.g. Frequency Airband UK



UK Books


Icom America, Inc. and PerCon Corporation announce a new website for your scanning enjoyment! is the site you want to go to download the memory channels for your ICOM computer programmable receiver


Books can be good, I am sceptical of things like, "The Ultra Secret Banned Frequency Mega Guide", you are more likely to find interesting gems on the net.

There are two excellent books for Broadcast Listeners.

UK Source
US Source
UK Source
US Source


It is worth looking out for website and internet clubs too. One good one is WUN, which has a busy mailing list, it seems every day there are logs reported and snippets of info. It covers "utility" stations, ie. NOT general broadcast stations: -

Worldwide Utility News






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