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Unofficial FAQ

There is no audio!
You can't use the bandscope in CW/SSB mode, with Icom's software doing this mutes the audio

What is the "Packet" Output?
It is the NBFM Discriminator Output, useful for data reception

Channel Scanning Has Stopped, Why?
A strange one, no definitive answer but this has been reported by some users, no clear answer but you are not alone. It only seems to happen with the Icom software.

Where can I find ICOM'S RS232 Protocol?
ICOM haven't released this into the pubic domain, but others have posted details; including this site

How Can I Keep the Radio on a Channel with the PC Off?
Upgrade to TalkPCR

What is the Best Software to Control the PCR?
Depends what you want to do, but the general view is TalkPCR

TalkPCR Halts When Starting
This has been seen when Norton AntiVirus is running, try turning Auto Protect Off

How Can the Frequency Restricted Models be Unrestricted?

History - first there was a hardware mod involving link changes, later it was possible to simply change an EEPROM setting with software. But changes were made and there is now no known way to modify a later set. It has been reported that radios with serial numbers after 3500 could not be easily changed.

The US models are blocked to comply with local legislation, i.e. no coverage of the cellular phones permitted. The European / Aus models are not blocked. It is possible other countries block out particular segments for local reasons.

Why Should I Back Up the EEPROM?

Because if it gets scrambled by third party software it can be an expensive repair, see here for details


What is EX2099?
Software from Icom to service the PCR. It seems that Icom have not made this publicly available but it turns up from time to time, most recently here.

What Is the Best Type of Antenna
See the antenna page

My PCR seems to be off frequency Can I recalibrate it myself without expensive test equipment?

PCR1000BUR1v2 contains an option to cycle the EEPROM data and calibrate the receiver against an off air signal.

Other Questions

It can be worthwhile searching the archivesof the PCR Mailing list, you can use the search form at www.qth.net, on joining the list a URL is sent for archive postings.

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